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SOGA 2X 33cm Cast Iron Rectangle Bread Cake Baking Dish Lasagna Roasting Pan

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    Product Description

    Tips: How to protect the cast iron from rust?


    • Store cleaned and seasoned pans in a dry place. If stacking pans that will nest together, place a layer of paper towel between each. Don't store cast iron pans with their lids in place unless you put something between lid and pan to allow air circulation.

    During Use:

    • Heat a pan on a burner slowly, first on low, then increase to higher settings. Avoid using metal utensils with sharp edges or corners. Avoid cooking acidic foods that may compromise your seasoning. Allow a pan to cool on its own to room temperature before cleaning
    • Perfect for baking bread, cakes, and serving deserts
    • It's cast iron construction distributes heat evenly, allowing for a perfect bake, a fluffy inside and crisp crust
    • Cast iron construction for longevity and even heat distribution
    • Suitable for all heat sources including induction
    • The two handles make handling very easy, and the enameled inside makes it easy to remove the finished bake and makes cleaning a breeze
    • Does not contain a lid
    • Material: Cast Iron
    • Size: 33cm(length)*23cm(width)*7cm(height)
    • Weight: 5kg
    • Home Cooking
    • Commercial
    Package Includes:
    • 2 X Cast Iron Baking Pan
    SOGA 2X 33cm Cast Iron Rectangle Bread Cake Baking Dish Lasagna Roasting Pan