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High Pressure Water-Saving Shower Head with 360° Rotary Spray, Turbo Filter, and Pressure Massage

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    Discover the Enhanced Features of Our Pressurized Shower Head:

    1. Efficient Water Usage and Durability: Experience efficient water usage without compromising durability. This shower head optimizes water flow while ensuring longevity.
    2. Aesthetic Appeal: The shower head boasts a visually pleasing design that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
    3. Convenient Water Flow Control: Easily adjust water flow with the intuitive water flow adjustment knob, enhancing your shower experience.
    4. Promise Water Outlet Mode: Immerse yourself in the joy of showering with the promise water outlet mode, providing a satisfying showering experience.
    5. Customizable Modes: Tailor your shower to your preferences by choosing from various modes that cater to your specific needs.
    6. Rotary Water Pressure Control: Effortlessly adapt to water pressure changes with the 0-90° rotary water pressure flow control feature.
    7. Uninterrupted High Bathing: Enjoy ample water supply even on higher bath floors, ensuring a comfortable bathing experience.
    8. Universal Interface Compatibility: The internationally compatible 4-point interface fits 99% of water inlet pipes, offering convenience and ease of use.
    9. Easy Maintenance: The removable design allows for effortless cleaning, preventing blockages and ensuring consistent performance.
    10. 360° Bathing Pleasure: Indulge in a full range of bathing enjoyment with the 360° free rotation feature, providing versatility and comfort.


    • Product Name: Pressurized Shower Head
    • Colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver
    • Style: Single Head
    • Smart Device: No
    • Shower Shape: Round
    • Shower Head Features: Water Saving, Pressurized
    • Part Type: Handheld
    • Installation Method: Handheld
    • Material: High-Quality ABS Plastic
    • Working Temperature Range: 1°C - 90°C


    • Manual measurements may have slight size variations.
    • Color deviation may occur due to individual monitor settings; your understanding is appreciated.

    Shower Head High Pressure Water Saving Shower Head 360 Rotary Spray Shower Head with Turbo Filter Pressure Massage


    1. The shower head saves water, is durable, and can adjust and increase water pressure.
    2. The appearance of the shower head is beautiful.
    3. Water flow adjustment knob makes it more convenient for you to use.
    4. Promise water outlet mode, allowing you to better enjoy the happiness of showering.
    5. You can adjust the appropriate mode according to your shower needs.
    6. Rotary water pressure flow force control: 0-90° range of rotary water to help you quickly adapt to water pressure.
    7. High bath floor is not afraid: Still easy bath with plenty of water.
    8. International general 4-point interface for 99% of water inlet pipe: General standard interface can be pressed, simple and convenient.
    9. Removable design for easy cleaning and no blockage: Water outlet panel can be easily removed and washed and easily blocked.
    10. 360° free rotation to enjoy the full range of bath fun: Up and down 60° rotation around 360°.

    Item name: Pressurized shower head
    Color: Blue/Green/Pink/Purple/Red/Silver
    Style: Single Head
    Is a Smart Device: No
    Shower shape: Round
    Shower Head Feature: Water Saving Shower Heads
    Part Type: Shower
    Installation Method: handheld
    Material: ABS plastic
    Shower Head Features 1: Water-saving shower head
    Shower Head Features 2: Pressurized Shower
    Working Temperature: 1-90

    - There might be little error of size for manual measurement.
    - The color deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.