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Boperzi Cat Litter Scoop Pooper Scooper Plastic Deep Shovel Kitty Poop Sifter Durable Cat Poop Scooper Cat Litter Lifter for Litter Box Come with Cat Litter Bags

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  • ใ€Easy to Useใ€‘This cat litter shovel is a combination of a deep shovel, container and bag. This integrated design is more practical than a separate cat litter scooper. When you use this litter scoop with bag, you can directly put the dirt on the cat litter into the bag more easily and conveniently.
  • ใ€Keep Cleanใ€‘The deep shovel of this cat scooper has a suitable aperture, allowing clean cat litter to pass through the small hole, but the cat litter block with urination and defecation cannot pass through the small hole. Keep the cat litter clean and hygienic at all times. Poop scoop can directly dump the garbage into the cat litter garbage bag.
  • ใ€Perfect Designใ€‘Three snaps design of kitty litter scoop makes the cat litter scoop more firmly connected to the container so that it is not easy to fall; the ergonomic handle design makes it more comfortable to hold; the large-capacity design of litter box scooper can clean more cat litter at one time.
  • ใ€Portable Sizeใ€‘The size of this cat scooper for litter box is 29 * 11 * 9 cm and the weight is 250g. The size is very suitable for most cat litter boxes, and it is lightweight. You will find this cat scoop size just perfect enough to maneuver in the litter box - Especially cleaning the corners where your cats tend to pee.
  • ใ€High-quality Materialsใ€‘This pooper scooper with bag is made of high-quality, non-toxic and harmless plastic, strong and durable; the bag is made of environmentally friendly and degradable materials, which can withstand a lot of weight. The package contains a cat litter scoop, a container, and a roll of bags (15 pieces). If you have any question, please contact us, we have 24/7 after sale service
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