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ZŌK: World’s First Consumer Migraine Product That Naturally Reduces Tension and Pressure from Headache and Migraine Symptoms Through Inner Ear Pressure Stimulation

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    • * DOCTOR-BACKED AND TESTED: Zōk has been tested and proven by over 100 doctors in the USA ranging from neurological trauma center doctors to naturopathic doctors and M.D.’s to ensure Zōk’s efficacy and safety for their patients.
    • * INNOVATIVE RELIEF FROM MIGRAINE & HEADACHE SYMPTOMS: ZŌK works by activating the cranial nerves inside the ear canal through lightly applied pressure stimulation. Through scientifically calibrated pressure modulation from inside the device, ZŌK facilitates the precise amount of stimulation inside the ear canal to signal the corresponding cranial nerves inside the brain stem, which are associated with equilibrium and pain relief.
    • * EXPERIENCE IMMEDIATE AND LONG TERM RELIEF: Zōk has been developed to naturally and immediately reduce tension, pressure and pulsating from patients with even the most severe and complicated cases of cluster, tension, and migraine headache symptoms in the world.
    • * PROVEN BY 40,000+ PATIENTS: According to third party peer-reviewed data and studies, ZŌK has been proven to provide relief from painful tension, pressure, and pulsating inside the head from over 40,000+ patients and counting!
    • * 100% DRUG-FREE NATURAL SOLUTION: After seeing the harmful side-effects of medications and intensive treatments for headaches early on, our inventor, Dr. John Hatch, has been on a mission of providing natural relief after learning of his discovery of reducing tension and pressure through activating the tympanic membrane and cranial nerves in the ear canal through light, pressure stimulation.