VDSA Stove Fan 4-Blade Upgrade Heat Powered Fireplace Fan for Log Burner Fireplace Wood Burning Fan- Eco Friendly and Efficient Fan (Black)

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Brand: VDSA
Colour: Black
Electric fan design: Ceiling Fan
Power source: Heat Powered
Style: Modern
Room type: Kitchen
Special feature: Lightweight
Recommended uses for product: Home
Mounting type: Tabletop
Controller type: Button Control

※Heat Powered Fan- The wood stove fan is powered by heat, no batteries or electricity required. It converts the heat generated by the stove or the fireplace into electrical energy to drive the fan to spin. It's quite environmental friendly.
※4 Blades Wood Burner Fan- This wood burning fan is newly designed with 4 blades, which makes the fan deliver a very broad thermal current. The hotter the stove top is, the faster the fan spins and the more warm air it circulates.
※Whisper Quiet- The only moving part of this small heat powered fan is the blades assembled. Silent running(less than 25db), say goodbye to the terrible noise. You even don't know the stove fan is there, but you will still feel the warmth and enjoy the warm air in a quiet and comfortable environment.
※Operating Temperature- This wood burning fan is designed for using on freestanding stoves with a normal surface temperature between 85-350°C(185-662°F). It will start spinning automatically when the temperature gets around 50°C(122°F), and work most efficiently when temperature get to 250-300°C(482-572°F). It will stop working when the stovetop cools down.
※Notice: Please avoid using the stove fan at high temperature continuously to ensure it a longer lifetime. If you have any questions about the stove fan or your order, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to help out quickly and efficiently.

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