The Perfect Birthday Gift for Him - Premium Personalized Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (MEN) Cognac Brown

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**We are the #1 Golf Glove on Esty**

The Perfect Birthday Gift for your golfing partner.

Our Premium Cabretta Leather Golf Glove provides a stylish, comfortable and durable golf glove that has the highest quality craftsmanship, fit and feel. What makes this golf glove better than any glove on the market aside for the premium quality is that it's personalised with your initials.

The best golf glove in the world, because it's unique to you.
Premium Cabretta Leather that provides the highest quality, fit and feel.
Breathable design to ensure durability
The highest quality personalisation in a range of coloursCrafted in Australia

Available in a range of sizes and personalised effects.

Sizing Guide

- Length: 18.5-19.5cm
- Circumference around the knuckles: 19-19.6cm

- Length: 19.5-20.5cm
- Circumference around the knuckles: 19.6-20.5cm

- Length: 20.5-21.5cm
- Circumference around the knuckles: 20.5-22cm

Extra Large
- Length: 21.5-22.5cm
- Circumference around the knuckles: 22-22.7cm

XX Large
- Length: 22.5-23.5cm
- Circumference around the knuckles: 22.7-23.2cm

If you are in-between sizes, always get the bigger size.

**Please make sure you have selected the sizing and glove hand correctly. If they are a right handed golfer they will wear a left glove and if they are a left handed golfer they will wear a right glove**.

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