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Positive Pregnancy Affirmation Cards, Empowering, Self Care, Pregnancy After Loss

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  • ย  Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

    This is a perfect gift for those expecting Mumma bears, specifically for those who have suffered a loss.

    I have been where you are and part of my journey in healing and bringing in our rainbow baby is to help empower other mothers on the same journey. This card deck took me a long time to get it right but it wasn't something I was going to rush. Each word and design has been carefully created and with the intention to provide the right affirmation and energy to help ease any doubts, fear or confusion that a mother may have.

    Affirmations are so powerful and so needed especially in times when there is such big changes going on internally and externally as we hold space for our strong little bubbas.

    Affirmations that are in this deck are as follows:
    I am strong and healthy in this pregnancy
    I deserve this blessing
    Breathe your baby down. Believe in yourself
    I am proud of myself for carrying nurturing and sustaining the beautiful life within me
    I am a beautiful mother
    I am grounded and my mind is at peace
    I relax when I need to and I take care of my body and my baby
    I am protecting myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words to flow through me and around me
    I am glowing with love with every step of the way
    I cherish and celebrate the gift of pregnancy and motherhood
    My baby feels my love
    My baby and i are safe and sound during this pregnancy
    I will have a beautiful birth
    My body is a beautiful vessel
    Inhale courage exhale fear
    My body knows what to do. i trust the journey
    I am ready to meet my baby
    I am creating a beautiful home for my baby
    I have all that I need: strength courage hope
    I am embrace the changes in my body
    I release all the tension worry and fear that i currently feel
    I have faith in this journey
    I will be ready and prepared for a safe and beautiful birthing experience
    I am in complete harmony with my body and my baby
    I am taking this journey day by day
    I choose to enjoy every second of my pregnancy, even on its difficult days
    I am one step closer to meeting my baby
    My job is to breathe stay relaxed and let my body birth my baby
    I am aware and in tune with what my mind and body needs and what my baby needs
    My baby is protected in my womb and is developing perfectly.

    In addition to these 30 affirmations, I include some way of how to get the most out of affirmation cards so that they can be part of your daily routine.

    Please note, colours may vary in real life and on monitors due to different screen resolutions.

    To see more designs, studio vlogs or if you would like to connect and continue the flow of empowering and connecting with like minded souls, check out my Instagram at @coffee_stained_canvases

    In Love and Light
    Amy xx