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Pocket-Sized Mini Fishing Rod: Portable Telescopic Pole in Pen Shape with Reel Wheel for Outdoor River and Lake Fishing

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    Model Number: Pen
    Hardness: HARD
    Material: Carbon
    Category: Carp Fishing Rod
    Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,LAKE,River

    Elevate Your Fishing Experience with the Pocket Size Fishing Rod

    Introducing the Pocket Size Fishing Rod, your ultimate compact and portable angling companion that brings your favorite hobby to your fingertips, no matter where you are. This innovative fishing rod is tailored for avid anglers on the move, offering convenience and functionality in a small yet powerful package.

    Engineered from lightweight yet durable materials, the Pocket Size Fishing Rod guarantees effortless use and long-lasting performance. Its collapsible design allows it to effortlessly slip into your pocket, backpack, or glove compartment, making it an ideal choice for spontaneous fishing trips or serene moments by the water. Despite its size, this fishing rod ensures dependable and enjoyable fishing experiences.

    Featuring a telescopic mechanism, it extends to a full-size rod when it's time to cast, offering the reach and control necessary for a successful catch. Whether you're targeting a trophy fish or simply enjoying the serenity of fishing, this rod delivers.

    But its versatility doesn't stop there. The Pocket Size Fishing Rod adapts to various fishing settings, be it freshwater adventures in lakes and streams or casting from boats or piers. Its flexible design accommodates a wide range of fishing techniques and target species, making it a dynamic choice for diverse angling experiences.

    Underestimating its size would be a mistake – this pocket-sized fishing rod is built to impress. Its robust construction and seamless operation ensure a memorable fishing experience whenever the opportunity beckons.

    Experience the convenience and portability of the Pocket Size Fishing Rod and seize every chance to cast a line. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a leisurely fishing enthusiast, this compact rod is your ideal outdoor companion, ready to make your fishing moments extraordinary.



    Choosing an appropriate fishing rod is very important for fishing enthusiasts. Here we are pleased to introduce this Fishing Rod Pen Shape Handle Set to you. It adopts high quality material, durable enough for you to use for a long time. Pen-shaped handle is compact and portable to hang on your pocket. Besides, smooth and lustrous appearance is attractive and elegant. Overall, this fishing rod set is a perfect choice for you. You will feel satisfied!

    1. Fishing anytime, anywhere with this world smallest fishing rod !
    2. Portable, Compact, Lightweighted and easy to use.
    3. Fits Pocket, Glove Box, Briefcase, Backpack.
    4. Suitable for fishing from a boat, a dam or on ice.
    5. Perfect gift for the avid fisherman, executive kid on the go !
    6. Ideal for fishing enthusiast or collectors

    Pen Fishing Rod
    Material: Fibre Glass, aluminium alloy
    Closed Length: 8 inch(21cm)
    Extended Length: 38 inch(95cm)
    Dia: 0.6 inch(15mm)
    Weight: 56g
    Color: Golden, Black, Silvery, Red

    Mini Fishing Gold Reel
    Color: Yellow
    Length of the body: 5cm (approx)
    Dia: 3cm (approx)
    Weight: 34g

    Reel Installation Instructions:
    1. Open your pen rod by taking off the cap
    2. Simply insert the reel between the two grooves on the pen (there is a moving
    piece which slides up and down)
    3. Twist the screw down to tighten the reel onto the rod.

    1 x Pen Fishing Rod
    1 x Fishing Reel 

    The retracted length is 21 cm

    / the open length is about 1 meter