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Heating Belt for FERMENTER Beer Wine Spirits + Thermometer

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    The Australia standard 240v 35 watts heat belt will gentle warmth without creating a hot spot. Heating belts are preferable to heating pads for the reasons that they can simply be moved up or down the fermenter to increase or decrease the heat transfer to the brew. Heating belts are also preferable to heating pads because pads tend to heat up the yeast bed on the bottom of the fermenter which can produce some undesirable flavours in your beer.
    And you can get a bonus digital stick on thermometer.
    1.The Heat Belt can be used to aid fermentation with one or two 5 Gallon/25 Litre vessel and is suitable for both beer, spirits and wine making.
    2.The Heat Belt is designed to be used during primary fermentation and to aid the start of secondary fermentation.One of the main benefits of using a Brew Belt is the reduced time it takes to complete the brewing process of your beer and wine.
    3. Tighten belt around brewing barrel/fermenter. Alter the heat belt's position to adjust temperature (lowing the belt will increase the temperature, whilst raising will decrease temperature).