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H&M Lazy Lipstick

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    Brand: Generic
    Colour: Brown Red
    Item form: Cream
    Finish type: Matte Finish,High Gloss,Velvety,Matte
    Product benefits: Moisturizing,Long-lasting,Long-wearing

    H&M Lazy Lipstick is specially designed to save your time
    Long-lasting lipstick is suitable for any makeup. it can be easily used without much skill
    Easy Lazy Lipstick---Lazy lipstick only needs one squeeze to complete the makeup of the lipstick. The moisturizing texture is not sticky and not greasy.
    Use---Rotate the lid and open the lipstick, then put the lipstick in between your lip, Apply the color evenly, get a velvety matte finish.
    Tips for non-stick cups---Smear a thin layer along the contours of the lips, gently press the lips with paper, Then apply the lips again, thinly on the edges and thicker on the middle, Best Gift For females -- lipsticks with lip-shaped is specially designed for not lazy people but to save your time. It is easy to use and quickly complete your makeup. It is also great as a gift for family and friends!
    Easy to use: kiss them naturally, move left and right 2-3 times, the glamorous lip makeup is instant