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Golf Training Mat for Swing Detection Batting, Path Feedback Golf Swing Mat, Analysis Swing Path and Correct Hitting Posture Golf Practice Mats, Advanced Golf Training Aid for IndoorOutdoor

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    Material: Plastic+SBR
    Colour: Green
    Brand: Veslen
    Form factor: Foldable

    Instant Visual Feedback - Golf Hitting Mats give you instant feedback on where youโ€™re making contact on your ball as you can see immediately if you hit behind the ball or not. Helped with better contact of the ball first immediately after using Golf swing path mat for a couple of days.
    Swing Path Guides - The alignment guide on the Golf Swing Mat Trainer provides a visual guide for the club head's path and impact. Golf Mat that shows swing path to Efficiently improve your swing and chipping skill levels.
    Portable - Product size 20*10in Small size, light weight Very portable Can easily take it with you on a trip Easy to store Set up the fairway at home in seconds.
    Durable - Durable and easy to clean; the marks left by hitting the ball can be easily wiped off with a club.
    Deluxe Version - The golf mat is equipped with 4 ground spikes, 1 Velcro strip and three golf balls; for sports enthusiasts who like to play golf in the yard or lawn, they will have a fully functional golf course , it's a great gift.