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Facial Cleansing Brush Skin Clean Silicone, Active Warmth Anti-Aging Massager - Pink

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    About this item

    • Innovative sonic cleansing technology: Adopts double cleansing technology to revitalize the skin, and Sound waves activate the necessary enzymes to speed up blood flow. The 4-in-1 200% large clean silicone soft brush with four functions of makeup removal, deep cleaning, massage, essence absorption and V-line lifting
    • Suitable for all skin: High-grade medical negative ion skin-friendly soft silicone brush provides the softest and mildest cleansing and massage effects for all skin types. Imported pulse massage can permanently lift and tighten the skin. Does not scrub your face excessively, does not cause irritation and sensitive redness or other skin problem . The gentle contact point twice a day and its sonic effect can make your skin feel smooth, soft, elastic and firm in just one minute.
    • Safe and portable: Unlike other facial cleansers, the LEWONO rechargeable face cleansing brush are made of negative ion soft skin-friendly silicone, do not contain any chemical fillers or by-products, IPX7 waterproof level, can be used in bathtubs, showers, easy to clean and easy to dry, No mold, no need to change the brush head can be used with confidence. Lightweight, compact, convenient to store and easy to carry on business trips, Keep your face radiant even when you are traveling.
    • Convenient USB Charging: With intelligent high-frequency vibration technology,the cleansing mode of facial pore cleanser brush has four speed adjustments, suitable for different needs, and meet all skin types. With rechargeable long life lithium battery design ๏ผŒ it charges through the standard 5V USB charging port. You can use any device with a USB port (such as power bank, mobile phone charger, ect) to charge the facial brush. The design of sealed and closed port, no fear of dust or water.
    • Perfect gift Package: Beautiful and generous appearance and easy to use, the electric waterproof silicone facial cleansing brush is the ideal gift for you and your family or friends. Our goal is to help you improve your skin, face and enjoy the process of facial cleansing๏ผŒso if you are not 100% satisfied, please feel free to contact us.