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Craft Beer Tap Faucet with Ball Lock Quick Disconnect kit

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    With fast, easy set-up, this party-ready tap makes sharing easier than ever. You donโ€™t have to fiddle with tubing, figuring out where to wrap it to keep it off the ground. Better yet, your beer wonโ€™t get warm sitting in draft lines. With this kit, brew stays in the keg until the moment you pour a cold one.Quick and easy-to-clean, just give the tubing-free this tap kit a quick rinse with water and youโ€™re good to go! No more draft lines filled with old beer.
    Note: when serving from this tap kit, keep beer cold & serving pressure to a minimum to prevent foaming.Required but not included: a Ball-Lock Keg, CO2 Cylinder, and CO2 Regulator with gas line.
    Includes:Beer Faucet with Tap Handle Beer Faucet to Disconnect Adapter with Faucet Coupling Nut Ball-Lock Liquid Disconnect